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Meet the Clearwater Team

Dr. Brandon Fields


Dr Brandon Fields was born in Tampa but raised in Bushnell, Florida. Following a neck injury in high school, Dr Fields began developing daily headaches. Following years of covering his pain with over-the-counter medication, he began to suffer from not only headaches but digestive issues from over-medication. Dr Fields then decided to begin regular chiropractic care, and soon experienced his first headache free day in four years. This personal experience of the power of chiropractic had a large impact on his wanting to become a chiropractor.

After graduating from high school, Dr. Fields attended the University of Florida where he received his Bachelor of Arts in History. GO GATORS!
He then attended National University of Health Sciences - Florida as part of the inaugural class, graduating in April 2013 with a Doctorate in Chiropractic
When not seeing patients, Dr Fields enjoys vegetable gardening, spending time on the water, and hanging out with family. While in college, Dr Fields lived all over Pinellas county, from Madeira Beach to Pinellas Park. He now lives in Palm Harbor with his wife Laura, their son Elijah, their dog Cooper, and their cat Penny.