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Farkas Chiropractic Clinic Welcomes You!

For over three decades, Farkas Chiropractic Clinic has provided St. Petersburg chiropractic patients the best in chiropractic care, designed and dedicated to helping each person achieve their specific health and wellness objectives. Our St. Petersburg chiropractors possess skills and expertise that encompass the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum, allowing us to offer each patient exactly the care they need.

St. Petersburg Chiropractors Focus on YOUR Health Goals

Dr. Frank Farkas explains, “We have five chiropractors on staff at Farkas Chiropractic Clinic , all with the same goal: to help every individual achieve their optimal state of health and wellness. We do that by focusing on the whole person, rather than on specific symptoms.” Our specialties run the gamut, including:

  • General wellness
  • Pediatric chiropractic
  • Chiropractic neurology
  • Pregnancy care

Don’t Wait, Farkas Chiropractic Clinic Can Help

We pride ourselves on giving you the best care possible! Our highly trained chiropractors and professional staff members will cater to your specific health care needs, and spend the appropriate amount of time to determine the full extend of your condition. Having multiple doctors and therapists in our clinic gives you the benefit of years of experience; and because we strive to stay current with the latest research and technology, rest assured that you will receive the proper technical expertise needed to improve and maintain your health.

Soon you’ll be on the road to a healthy, happier life. Contact Farkas Chiropractic Clinic today to take the first step towards your optimal health!